Seeing the Sun with Eyes Closed 1
Seeing the Sun with Eyes Closed 1

Seeing the Sun with Eyes Closed 1

"This collection follows the sunlight and meditation theme in my work."

"Being Mediterranean I have memories of laying on the terrace's terracotta tiles, burning hot because of the sun. I would lay there and look and the bright blue sky and listen and observe the swallows come and go."

"I live in Belgium now so I often miss the Mediterranean light. But sometimes, when I close my eyes to meditate, I can catch a shy sun ray on my eyelids, and it's a delicious feeling. These paintings search to provoke the same stillness and delight."

This series uses interference paint. Interference paint likes changing colors: it looks like a very subtle, transparent pastel from one angle, but can be almost electric from another. It layers beautifully and plays with the colors underneath it. But it's very, very hard to catch on a photograph.

Made by the talented Brussels based Spanish artist Maria Gil Ulldemolins 

Size: 12.2" x 16.53"