Organic Meditation Cushion - Mauve
Organic Meditation Cushion - Mauve

Organic Meditation Cushion - Mauve

This unique crescent moon meditation cushion will keep you comfortable during your mindful practice.  

Handmade in Europe from high quality linen, it is 100% organic with absolutely no chemicals used.

Inner cushion made of unbleached organic linen with cotton from a small family company in India. 

Cushion filling made of kapok, a soft substance that is 100% vegetable. Kapok comes from the Ceiba tree: it’s like a fluff-like layer around the seeds. The seeds fall naturally to the ground, where the fiber is than extracted. Kapok is a perfect filler for pillows as it's eight times lighter than cotton, good forming and firmer than down. 

The mandala print is made from eco friendly and biodegradable textile paints.

Made with lots of love and positive energy :)

Dimensions: 4"H x 15.7"W