7 Quick + Simple Home Design Updates to Help Transition into the Winter Months

1. Textiles - swap lighter summer textiles like linens and cottons with heavyweight fabrics including wools, velvets, cashmere and alpaca. I recommend a soft cashmere or alpaca throw in indigo or a neutral to keep yourself cozy while lounging on the sofa. Or try incorporating velvet and mohair pillows in the living room. In the bedroom, update your bedding with a handmade quilt and tailored flannel sheets. 

2. Humidifier - Cold outdoor temperatures plus blasting heat indoors leads to incredibly dry air during the winter months. Wood flooring gives up some of its moisture and contracts as a result, which can lead to thin gaps between the planks. While optimal humidity levels for wood floors are between 40-60%, humidity levels indoors during winter can be as low as 10%. A humidifier can help keep these levels consistent and prevent any damage over the long run. But your body can also reep the benefits of a humidifier. Humid air keeps your nasal passages lubricated which helps with sinusitis, congestion, colds, asthma and allergies. It also helps prevent dry skin and hair which is a serious issue for me during the colder months. 

3. Color scheme - certain bright colors that looked beautiful in the summertime can seem out of place during the colder months. While I don't preach any hard and fast rules like no white after labor day, I do think your eyes are ready for a moodier palette. Try balancing muted or jewel toned colors with neutrals like light and medium greys and a warmer element like camel or tan. 

4. Fireplace - your fireplace should be inspected and cleaned by a professional at least once a year, or after 80 fires. This helps to remove any buildup of creosote, an oily and highly flammable byproduct of burning wood. Inspect the chimney cap and damper

5. Fire pit

6. Scents

7. Plants

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